Tuesday, September 20, 2011

YourFreeiStuff Overview and Tips

We are so excited to endorse YourFreeiStuff.com. While WLSB will always remain dedicated to Swag Bucks, YourFreeiStuff.com is just so simple and exciting that we HAD to share it with all the great folks who follow us.

How it works

In exchange for completing one offer (trial memberships, book clubs, video game rentals etc) and for getting some friends to sign up and complete one offer themselves, YourFreeiStuff.com will give you free gifts. It’s that simple.

  1. Sign up at YourFreeiStuff.com (choose a referral type account)
  2. Complete one level A offer, or 50 points worth of level B offers (we suggest the ones that credit instantly)
  3. Tell your friends the good news about free iStuff, and get them to do steps 1 and 2 above
  4. Once you have enough referrals, claim your prize!

One of the best things about YourFreeiStuff.com is that you don’t need to complete several offers or refer dozens and dozens of friends to secure your free gift. You can get a great prize for as little as four referrals!

Here are some examples:

  • 16 GB iPhone: 8 referrals
  • 32 GB iPod Touch: 6 referrals
  • 64 GB iPod Touch: 8 referrals
  • 40 GB apple TV: 6 referrals
  • 16 GB iPod Nano: 4 referrals
  • $300 Apple Card: 6 referrals
  • 160 GB iPod Classic: 5 referrals
  • 16 GB iPad 2: 11 referrals

What are offers?

Examples of advertisers’ offers include a variety of free trial offers, advertised products for purchase, credit cards, and subscriptions to membership services. The costs vary by offer. Some are absolutely free and can be discontinued without any further obligation while others may require a small purchase.

Great! How do I start?


Step 1) Just click here: YourFreeiStuff.com and sign up for a referral account.

Step 2) Complete your offer requirements. You can tell you’ve completed your requirements by viewing your “Progress” page after signing in to your YourFreeiStuff.com account. You should see a green Yes next to Completed Offer like this:

Some offers credit instantly, but others may take a day or two to credit.

Step 3) Refer your friends! Tell them about the exciting news… you can get great gadgets absolutely free!

How do I make sure I get credit?

Crediting is all done through browser cookies, so make sure you have pop-up blockers turned off and cookies turned on. Once you have completed your offer and have received credit you can turn these settings back if you changed them. We recommend the offers that credit instantly, as you can see right away that they worked.

Some tips to use to make sure your offer credits:

  1. Use Internet Explorer (recommended).
    • Other browsers, such as FireFox, are inconsistent with the way they handle cookies; they should be avoided when completing offers (unless you are an expert at completing offers).
    • This is because some freebie sites expect you to be running Internet Explorer, using cookies in a nonstandard way.
  2. Accept all cookies.
    • In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab > Settings and set it to “Accept All Cookies.”
  3. Turn off Pop-Up Blocking.
    • Often times the offers appear in pop-up windows when you click on them. If you have not disabled pop-up blocking programs, you will not be able to complete an offer or view valuable information (such as the offer’s TOS/T&C).
  4. (Optional but a good idea) Clear your cache / cookies.
    • Before you begin, make sure to clear your cache/cookies by going to Tools > Internet Options > Delete Cookies and Delete Files.
    • Close your browser and then start a new session.
    • This is crucial because if you have visited a free site and even clicked on an offer without completing it, a cookie was stored on your computer. This could prevent you from receiving credit for that offer, which is why clearing your cache/cookies is so important.
  5. Ensure that all filtering software is turned off. Many filtering solutions block advertisements which might impair the ability to track your offer.

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