Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm glad its my Senior year in High School !!

Class of 2009 :) !

I have so many plans for my future. Were to begin! I want to be a Psychologist or a Child Advocate. The problem is I don't know what college I want to attend!! It's crazy that in June I'm actually going to graduate, I'm going to be eighteen, and I'm going off to college on my own in the fall. Time goes by so fast. My four years in High School didn't seem long.

I hope I accomplish everything I'm planing for this year. I want to get the best grades possible, and try to help out the community. I joined a community service club this year. Its called KEY Club (forgot what it stands for >.<) I'm also hoping to get more involved in out class meetings. We are trying to earn enough money to buy our Senior jackets, and Grad Night. I don't know if every school does this. Its a trip that the Seniors take before graduating.

Oh and we might also be going to New York City !! I've never been to the east neither have my friends. So we are crossing our fingers that our school plans the trip. Its not guaranteed yet so I don't want to get my hopes up. Its happened before. I'm still kind of mad about it! Our school made us earn enough money to go to Santa Catalina Island (its a little island off the California coast) Well in the end we had all the money and we were ready to go but something happened. We didn't get to go after they promised. It was suppose to be a three day getaway to this wonderful island were the class could of gone snorkeling , diving, getting massages .... you get the picture? The best vacation/field trip we could ever go on. It didn't happen. Instead we got to go to San Fransisco on Amtrak. I don't want to rant on about that. So I really really want to go to New York City!!

I think I 'll start protesting or something if it doesn't happen.

Your Truly